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Music Styles
Music Styles

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- Slow Rock/Downbeat


- Acoustic/Orchestral


- World/Ethnic


- Rock


- Dance


- Electronica


- Easy Listening


- Ambient


- Colliding Styles ie:anything goes







1. California Sun

Style: Downtempo

Description: Lush electric piano, 60’s bass, sweeping drums, tremolo guitar and cheesy strings.

Peace, man !...


2. Gentle Smile

Style: Slow ‘Cafe’ Rock

Description: Warm electric guitar, harp, bongos and big gentle beats. Instant mood uplift.


3. My Jeans

Style: Slow Rock

Description: Fuzzy guitar chords galore and vintage drums for my vintage jeans.


4. The Big Ease

Style: Slow Rock/Downtempo

Description: Horizontal Cafe Sunday. Acoustic guitar, electric guitar chords, slow drums, strings, toy piano. What else is needed to experience bliss ? Coffee ?  



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