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Music Styles
Music Styles

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- Colliding Styles







1. Magical Electro Symphony
Style: Renaissance Drum & Bass
Description: A juxtaposition of a gentle harp and guitar with a full-on drum and bass ‘glitch’ rhythm and phat bass.
2. Happy Electro Bop
Style: Contemporary Mix
Description: Pizzicato strings, flute, analog beat box and electronics for that cool and cheeky sound. A very sweet tune.

3. Flight 1
Style: World/Ambient
Description: Tabla, metal percussion, ambient sequences and distant piano. This is a little bit ‘World’, a bit electronic.

4. A Solitary Storm
Style: Electro Glitch Symphony
Description: A contemporary mix of cutting edge drums,
trumpet, strings, harp, synth bass. Very moody, a bit sad, but powerful. Carries the message across...

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