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Music Styles
Music Styles
Mood Keywords
1. Solemn String
Style: Orchestral/Chamber
Description: Solo cello and string section.

2. Longing
Style: Orchestral
Description: Piano, orchestra, solo violin.

3. Flower Blue
Style: Jazz/Smooth Jazz orchestra
Description: Bowed double bass, two pianos, jazz drums, bells.

4. This Void
Style: Ambinet/Acoustic/Lyrical
Description: Solo cello with electronic muted chords.

5. Middle Eastern Mood 2
Style: World/Ethnic
Description: A dark but mysterious melodic ambience. Violin, Dulcimer, Tambur.

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- Dreamy, Open, Expansive, Relaxing


- Heartfelt, Tender, Emotive


- Happy, Easy, Positive, Up Beat


- Dramatic, Dark, Brooding


- Energetic, Full On...







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