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Music Styles
Music Styles
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1. Magical Electro Symphony
Style: Renaissance Drum & Bass
Description: A juxtaposition of a gentle harp and guitar with a full-on drum and bass ‘glitch’ rhythm and phat bass.

2. My Citroen Dance
Style: Electro/Dance
Description: My own rendition of the famous Citroen ad.
Video clip available. Contact to download. Mention ‘C1’.

3. We are the Robots !
Style: Electro
Description: Totally Kraftwerked-out, electrified and cool. Play it loud.

4. My Citroen Rocks
Style: Skateboard Rock
Description: My alternative version for the infamous Citroen ad, this time more ‘rock and roll’. Video clip available. Contact to download. Mention ‘C2’.

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