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Music Styles
Music Styles
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1. A Solitary Storm
Style: Electro Glitch Symphony
Description: A contemporary mix of cutting edge drums,
trumpet, strings, harp, synth bass. Very moody, a bit sad, but powerful. Carries the message across...

2. Infight
Style: Big Beat/Downtempo
Description: Strings, amplified piano, big filter beat. Over-saturated sound for maximum drama.

3. Angst Piano
Style: Solo (treated) piano
Description: A stormy mood...the piano morphs from purely acoustic to ambient effects.

4. Robot Electro Mood
Style: Electronica
Description: Creepy electronic piece. A brooding Sci-fi beat. The solo is played with a ‘ratio’ control on an FM synth (something for the synth-head).

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